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Tech Innovation Meetup and Talks: SAMPOCHEM @ Weinberg Campus Tech Park

SAMPOCHEM representative giving a presentation at Weinberg Campus Tech Park, showcasing thought leadership and expertise in the industry.

SAMPOCHEM had the privilege of showcasing our company at the Tech Innovation Meetup at the Weinberg Campus's Innovation Hub in Halle (Saale), an opportunity we greatly valued.

The recent Weinberg Campus Accelerator event gathered startups and partners, fostering learning and networking. As of June 2022, this accelerator has impressively supported over 35 tech startups in Saxony-Anhalt, through its two-year journey and four rounds, highlighting its role in nurturing innovation. SAMPOCHEM's participation extended beyond mere project presentation; it was an enriching experience, absorbing knowledge and insights from fellow entrepreneurs. The event's atmosphere, characterized by engaging discussions and networking amidst the Innovation Hub's sunshades, was stimulating. The accelerator's future growth, with an enhanced emphasis on sectors such as Biomedical Life Sciences, Bioeconomy, Greentech, and Material Science, signifies its dedication to developing market-driven, complex startups.


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