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Food Ingredients



Ingredients for Foodborne Toxin Reduction
Keeping your Cookies safe!

A multitude of food-borne toxins, including acrylamide, furan, and HMF, can form during high-temperature cooking methods like frying, roasting, and baking, and these compounds have been associated with carcinogenic effects. The importance of mitigating the presence of acrylamide is emphasized by regulatory measures implemented by both the European Union (EU) and certain regions in the United States. Moreover, more stringent regulations are anticipated to be introduced in the near future to further monitor and restrict the levels of these harmful substances in food products.

SAMPOCHEM Acryligo allows companies to comply with these regulations. Acryligo is a patented series of ingredients designed to effectively reduce the level of foodborne toxins. It is compliant with organic standards in the US, EU, and Switzerland and has been approved for use by other European organic associations. By using Acryligo, food producers can comply with the respective food safety regulations and maintain consumer trust in their products.

Application in:

  • Bakery products such as biscuits, crackers, wafers and bread

  • Extruded products

  • Potato products such as french fries and chips/crisps 

All Benefits at a Glance:

  • Effective and robust reduction in Acrylamide, Furan and HMF

  • GMO-free and organic compliant

  • No rest times required, ensuring maximum process efficiency

For more information please contact SAMPOCHEM.

Smiling gingerbread cookie fastened with a car seatbelt, symbolizing safety of biscuits for consumption by using SAMPOCHEM Acryligo.



Ingredients for Flavor and Preservation
Unleash the Strength of Liquid Acids in a convenient Powder Form!

Liquid acids have long been essential in imparting unique flavors and preserving foods. They're particularly notable in bakery and meat products, where they not only enhance taste but also inhibit the growth of harmful organisms.

SecUvam is a patented carrier system, which simplifies the use of liquid acids in various food products. This innovative approach allows for the easy handling and precise dosing of liquid acids, crucial for maintaining consistent quality and taste. Moreover, SecUvam's adaptability as both an additive and a flavoring compound makes it a versatile choice for a wide array of food products.

Whether you're looking to enhance the flavor profile of your baked goods or ensure the longevity of your meat products, SecUvam offers a label-friendly solution.

Application in:

  • Bakery products such as breads, rolls, cakes and pastry

  • Potato products such as dumplings, chips, and fries

  • Processed meat products

  • R2E products

All Benefits at a Glance:

  • Effective Flavoring or Preservation 

  • Easy handling and convenient dosage (dry powder)

  • Label-friendly and GMO-free

For more information please contact SAMPOCHEM.

Dynamic splash of white powder created by a stream of liquid against a light background, representing SAMPOCHEM's SecUvam series whereby liquid acids are being transformed into a solid powder for easier handling.


Organic-Compliant, GMO-Free and Label-Friendly Food Improver and Preservative
Preserving Naturally!

In recent years the organic food market has witnessed significant growth, demonstrating a clear shift towards more sustainable and health-conscious choices​​. In response to the growing consumer demand for organic products, SAMPOCHEM proudly presents ServaBio, a cutting-edge, organic-compliant preservative.

ServaBio is specifically designed to address the challenges faced by organic bakery and plant-based product producers. Maintaining shelf life and preserving the quality of organic foods, particularly bakery items, is a complex task, especially given the limited number of additives permitted in organic food production.

ServaBio innovatively fulfills this need, ensuring that organic bakery products retain their structure, volume, and freshness for longer periods.

Application in:

  • Organic certified plant based products (esp. bakery products)

  • All non-organic products (bakery, R2E, meat, etc.)

All Benefits at a Glance:

  • Effective shelf-life extension and pH-regulation

  • GMO-free, organic compliant and label-friendly

  • Improved structure and volume of bakery products

For more information please contact SAMPOCHEM.

Young plant sprouting from a mound of white powder, symbolizing growth and the eco-friendly nature of SAMPOCHEM's organic compliant preservative ServaBio.
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