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Acid on Carriers for Animal Feed and Nutrition
Heroic Growth, Naturally: BioGrowth for Super-Powered Animals.

In the dynamic field of animal nutrition, the introduction of BioGrowth marks a significant advancement. BioGrowth is a pioneering and patented series of feed additives that serve as feed acidifiers, feed preservers, and as non-antibiotic growth promoters. It represents a breakthrough in the way liquid organic acids are utilized in animal feed, offering the convenience of these acids in a powder form. This innovation is especially notable as BioGrowth eschews the use of inert silica-based carriers, opting for a more effective, efficient and uninvasive delivery system.

By choosing BioGrowth, industry leaders are not only enhancing the health and growth of their animals but also participating in a movement towards more responsible and sustainable animal farming practices. BioGrowth is more than just a feed additive; it's a commitment to the future of animal agriculture.

Application as:

  • Feed acidifier

  • Feed preservation

  • Non-antibiotic growth promoter

All Benefits at a Glance:

  • Easy handling of liquid organic acids as a powder

  • Diverse portfolio of liquid organic acids on our specialty carriers

  • No inert silica-based carriers used

For more information please contact SAMPOCHEM.

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