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BioOst 2024

The image is a banner for the BioOst trade fair. It features a stylized wave design with an orange and beige color scheme. In the top left corner, there is a square logo with the word "OST" in white letters on an orange background, above the prefix "bio" in black, indicating the fair's focus on organic products. The main text "BioOst" is prominently displayed in the center right in large, bold, black letters against the orange background. Below this, in smaller black letters, reads "Leipzig, Germany," denoting the location of the event. The date "21 April 2024" is listed underneath, indicating when the fair took place. The overall design suggests an earthy, organic theme consistent with the event's sustainable focus.

On April 21st, 2024, our team at SAMPOCHEM had the pleasure of attending the BioOst trade fair held at Leipziger Messe in Leipzig, Germany. As a company committed to sustainability, we found the experience highly informative and aligned with our mission to develop environmentally friendly and organic compliant additives. We look forward to engaging with participants at future BioMessen events throughout Germany.


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