About Us

SAMPOCHEM develops new solutions which combine technological performance and economic viability with health, safety and environmental sustainability.

Don't Add, Enhance.

We at SAMPOCHEM believe in the principle that more is achieved with less. Our goal is to enable you to add as little as possible but as much as necessary to give you the edge you need to be a leader in your segment. Don't Add, Enhance.

Our Mission

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Our mission at SAMPOCHEM is to make tailored win-win-win solutions: for industry, the end consumers and the environment. SAMPOCHEM high-performance give you the edge you need without compromising health, convenience and environmental objectives.

Our Products

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SAMPOCHEM Food and Feed additives. Please contact us for more information.

Our Story

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In the Finnish national epic "Kalevala", the SAMPO is an important artifact central to the myth and to us as Finns. To us, the SAMPO is a representation of innovation and a symbol for what defines us as a company.